The caribbean

Port of Spain


Trinidad is an Island right next to the coast of Venezuela. When I arrived I was overjoyed by the tropical look. Everywhere it looks like you are in the jungle. Beautiful flowers, hummingbirds, monkeys. Trucks full of coconuts and watermelons, fruit stalls next to the road… And I was more than lucky to arrive right during a Carnival! I worked and trained all over the Island, and saw a lot of the culture in Trinidadians. Beautiful stables build on the side of a mountain, overlooking the city or the sea. I was in for a treat. I promise when I am back, I will take better photos!


Anne van Diemen
riding school

Saddle Valley Stables

My main work was at Saddle Valley Stables, a beautiful stable hidden in the hills just out of the Port of Spain. The majority of the horses were rescues, or off the track thoroughbreds. I worked with two lovely instructors Anja and Patrice. Besided that I educated horses and did assessments on the ones that had some medical issues.

Private Training

Almost every day of the week I taught or trained at another stable around the Port of Spain. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was training private riders and instructors at San antonio stables and Goodwin Heights. Training private lusitano Stallion Biscoite, and training with Patrice Stollmeyer and her beautiful warmblood boys. Sometimes I had to be picked up because the stables are in the mountains, and my car didn’t make it up the hill! The views were outstanding…. I cannot wait to come back to this colourful, tropical Island and its beautiful people and horses!