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 “I am as docile as

I am courageous,

the only of earth’s creatures

who sacrifices its own being

to exist

through the will of another.”

-Robert Vavra-


 Throughout my work with horses I come from a place of great respect for the horse’s wisdom and aim for the horse to feel total freedom of expression.



Anne van Diemen

international trainer & coach


 The courage to follow your dreams..

Being passionate about horses from a very young age , my journey began with my Arabian mare when I was 12. She made me look for different ways and less trodden paths ever since.  Our journey took us to Marion Robesin. Marion taught me that dressage is way more than just riding a horse. It is the process of becoming aware of your own shortcomings and imperfections and how to overcome those. Marion guides rider and Horse through physical. psychological, emotional and spiritual layers to understand the message that the horses have for us.

My journey continues with meeting John Swaab. This unique man has worked internationally and competed in 4 disciplines and in 1972 he competed in dressage at the Olympics. At 82 years old he was still riding 5 horses a day. I am incredible lucky and honoured to have learned from him.

19 year old Anne during her final riding exam at the ISPH in 2008  – Photo displayed from the book Dressage, the message of the horses, author : Marion Robesin.


 Human & Horse Coach

After my time with John Swaab I became more interested in starting young horses and rehabilitating horses who have suffered trauma or are difficult to handle and train. My main mentor on this path has been Petra Vlasblom from Two Moons. Petra studied with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling for one year and has several coaching degrees.  In 2012 I started at her school for behavioural science and coaching for humans and horses. I completed Petra’s 3 year education and hopefully will submit my thesis soon to graduate, which was interrupted by my travels.


 From the Caribbean to the Pacific…

For the last 10 years I have been full time traveling. Visited over 14 countries and all for the horses has been a dream coming true.  On my travels I have been able to learn from so many different people, horses and cultures. I got to train with and learn from professionals from all over the world, developing my own unique approach on being with horses.

From riding lessons and clinics with Classical Masters, olympic eventers and horsemanship trainers to doing courses in animal communication, reiki and anatomy. It has been a wild ride and I am not planning to end it anytime soon..  A deep thank you to all who gave me some of their knowledge, and a little look into their life. 

During my journey so far I had the huge pleasure to learn from and work with Marion Robesin, Petra Vlasblom, Eric Laarakker, John Swaab, Annika ten Napel, John Erb, Marcel Sneek, Ton Duivenvoorde, Bo lou Nolten, David Dewispelaere, Angele van Tilburg, Ireen van der Spek, Andrew and Maike Turnbull, Jeff Sanders, Dagmar Klinkenböck, Rodrigo Matos, Sharon May-Davis, Jose Ortelli, Manolo Mendez, Yeguada Angeles de la Tierra and Alizée Froment.

Personal Favourites

& Collaborations

BLN paardensport

My amazing friend and highly talented horsewoman Bo Lou Nolten and her team.

Indra Horse leg protection

Leg protection that I highly recommend even in tropical climates. 

Alizée Froment

Amazing artist , human being , horse woman and by far the most talented person I have ever witnessed with a horse.

Rianne Engel

Animal Physiotherapist, Horse trainer and co-founder of Equine Holistic Health Workshops.


Custom made training equipment for horses & dogs.

Evelien Akerboom

Equestrian Consultant & stablemanager at the magical Nihi Resort in Sumba, Indonesia.