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Unique Approach

Coming from years of experience all over the world-  Anne adjusts to the combination or company she is working with, Always with joy and ethical standards coming first. Whether you want to work in liberty, or train for high competition level – everything is possible and everybody is welcome.  Together we will find the right way that will work for you and your horse.

Anne is passionate about Harmony, lightness and connection in training. Always working on lighter ways to achieve your biggest goals. This comes in variations in training through voice cues, positive reinforcement, holistic perspective, biomechanics, horsemanship and much more.. but above all,  the empowerment of human & horse.    

Clinic Days

Clinic Days can be hosted in any country – starting from $500 USD per half day. For privates and semi- privates.

Immerse yourself in a full day of liberty, horsemanship, dressage and joy.  

Classical Dressage & Flatwork 

With a solid back ground of classical, modern and western influences Anne can help you developing a strong foundation. Evolve yourself into an ethical and knowledgeable trainer for your horse or your clients. Training your horse in a healthy and knowledgeable way is important as is working on the confidence of the horse.  

Developing the level of the horse into strong connection, body awareness and self carriage by the lightest aids. Learn to work with energy, understand correct aids and how to present them to the horse. I assess the development level of your horse, pointing out the strong and weak sides of you and your horse and what this means for your partnership. All from a holistic perspective. 


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Classical Dressage or flatwork Lesson : 45-60 minutes depending of the level and age of your horse. Starting from $50,-

Straightness training from the ground:  work In hand lessons, straightness on the lunge or double long reins : 45-60 minutes. Starting from $50,-

Rider Position training : on the lunge or during a riding session.b  30-45 minutes of total focus on your position and what that communicates to your horse. How can we be not in the way of our horses movement and rythm  and help him in his balance? Where do you hold tension in your body, and more important how to let it go? Learning the horses rythm and how to adjust your rythm to the horse. For you horse to be at the lunge this long he needs to be 5 years old at least and sufficiently educated. 


Interim Management 

 Do you need a temporary stable manager, horse trainer or instructor, sell your business or give your business a boost? Do you want to learn more about dressage and groundwork, or need your horses educated? We offer customized professional help with your equestrian business. While you go on holiday, you have shows or in case of emergency, Anne works to high standard and can take over everything.

Anne has done Interim management for 10 + years and in many different climates and cultures. Drives left and right, has worldwide insurance coverage, speaks fluent English and dutch and has basics in Spanish, German, French and Indonesian.  

Don’t hesitate to send me an email to discuss your individual needs and questions.


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Short or longterm : Possibilities from several days up to a several months.

Customized :  Together we will make a plan with your expectations, my advice and what I will aim for in the period I will be working with you and / or your business. What do you need from me? And what is the current reality. I have worked with a lot of different business structures in different countries and climates.

Costs : Starting from $650,- per week based on full time hours. My consultancy fee excludes travel costs/airfare to and from point of destination, transport and housing. 


Liberty Training

As a behaviorist, Anne is very passionate about working with the horse in freedom. a combination of positive reinforcement, energy work, voice cues and self reflection forms the foundation of this way of working with the horse. Not every horse will be confident in liberty right away- its always about being the human the horse need. What does the horse feel most confident about and how we go from there.  

Liberty training is not a form of tricks in a row but a way of being with the horses. From basics to High show level it takes patience and self awareness but if the connection is strong the sky is the limit.  

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Liberty Groundwork : 45-60 minutes. starting from $60,- Working on basic steps, voice cues, how to start positive reinforcement. Can be done in a halter, neck rope or in liberty.

Liberty Dressage : 45-60 minutes. Going into dressage movements from the basics in groundwork. Side movements, collection, Spanish walk, piaffe, passage, pirouettes and all more you dream off.  From the ground or in the saddle. 


 Horsemanship & Groundwork

To be able to understand our horses better, we can study their behaviour and body language. Being more aware of our own body language, so we can communicate with more clarity with our horses. Learning to understand stress and tension points and how to help your horse relax and release tension. Adjust the breathing of the horse and recognize calming signals. Getting to know how to use your body position and energy to be a better partner for your horse. 

There are many ways to start your horsemanship journey. It all comes down to the the horses behavior and how the horse uses his senses and regulating emotions. Helping them understand their own emotions and giving the horse confidence to face the world. 

Depending the character of the horse or human we work with a lead rope, flag or stick. There is no set way to go.  

Working on becoming two individuals moving in harmony.


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Horsemanship lessons : In the roundyard or in the herd. Analysing natural behaviour and the reaction on our bodylanguage. Setting intention in our movement, breath and energy. 45-60 minutes 

Young Horse start up session : Learning your horse the basics of groundwork or preparing the horse for their future as a riding horse. 45-60 minutes

Both starting from $60,-



Training your horse for you from the ground or in the saddle. Improving their education, evaluating their level of development and working out a training plan. This could be temporary if you are on holiday, to bring your horse back in work, or because you need some regular help with keeping your horse in work. I can come to you, or for full training you can bring your horse to me.

Depending the country I am in, I have options for training. Send me a message for info and details. 

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Training session on location: Assesment or training with your horse on location. 30-90 minutes. Starting from $40,-

Full board training: Customized training plans will be different in price per country. Starting from one week up to several months.

For information send an email. 


Coaching & Consultancy 

Both in on and offline coaching and consultancy there is many ways Anne can help you in the process.

From difficult decisions about life, where to take your career to advice about your business, team dynamics, guidance in leadership, professionalize your business or do external examination for shows, courses and universities.

 Anne has an authentic, holistic and hands-on way of coaching – don’t hesitate to sen an email if you have a project you need help with.

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Coaching: online or offline starting from $125 per 30 minutes.

Consultancy: Project based or one time advice starting from $75,- hourly rate without tax, depending on the country you are in and if its private or business. 




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Training session on location: Assesment or training with your horse on location. 30-90 minutes. Starting from $40,-

Full board training: Customized training plans will be different in price per country. Starting from one week up to several months.

For information send an email.