Anne van diemen

International Trainer & Coach

With 15 + years experience in over 14 countries, Anne is your go-to expert for all things Equestrian. Discover the joy and lightness of connecting with your horse through her unique approach. Whether you have small dreams to accomplish with your horse or great dreams about life, Anne will guide you towards achieving them. Book your online session now and embark on a transformative journey.


 Online Coaching

 Are you looking for online guidance, living in a remote area, or just want to keep improving yourself ? 

Step into a transformative journey with Anne through online coaching, now available !

All you need is a smartphone, a tripod/pivot system/loved one who is crazy enough to film you or simply strap your device to the arena side. Wear wireless earphones when you ride or train with me, and don’t forget your horse. You will get a zoom link through email, choose your time and date through the booking form on the website, pay online and voilá – we are good to go. 

See you in the arena, 



Anne Van Diemen

International trainer & coach

online coaching sessions

Half Session

30 minutes – $45

Full Session

60 minutes $85

Business Consultancy

90 minutes – $250

custom coaching for every combination

"I got to train with and learn from professionals from all over the world, developing my own unique approach on being with horses"
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