Anne van diemen

International Trainer & Coach
With 15 + years experience in over 14 countries, Anne is your go-to expert for all things Equestrian. Discover the joy and lightness of connecting with your horse through her unique approach. Whether you have small dreams to accomplish with your horse or great dreams about life, Anne will guide you towards achieving them. Book your (online) session now and embark on a transformative journey.

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I was born in Holland with a bountiful serve of curiosity, and a passion for horses and traveling the world. During this journey I collect knowledge, new perspectives, and dreams everywhere I go. I ask myself-how can we understand and connect with our horses on a level that is full of joy and lightness?

The way I am with horses, is a lifestyle. Not just a moment of “training” but more so a way of being. Bringing horsemanship, dressage and coaching together, developing the horse from a soft and understanding place. The horse and rider feel free to express emotions and look for softer ways of communications.

Any dream you have is worth pursuing. From small dreams with your horse, to great dreams about life. And maybe one will help you find the other….


Anne Van Diemen

Equestrian Consultant

what i offer
work Around the Globe

Interim Management

Customized temporary 5 star management take-over for stables, training horses, riding schools or private sport yards.  starting from $650 per week.

Classical & Liberty Dressage lessons

Private lessons in your country starting from $50 –

Online Coaching

starting from $45,- per session

everybody is welcome

Anne is passionate about joy and Harmony from basic to high (show)level.
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What I do

Teaching with love

The strength in my teaching comes from a place of love and understanding that all living beings should be honoured for who they are.  I create space to develop the individual from holistic perspective, by understanding their journey in life without judgement, guiding your journey with love and clarity.