the caribbean

Horse Ranch Bonaire

My first overseas project was  at Horse Ranch Bonaire. Bonaire is a tiny island in the Caribbean. Simone and Martijn work really hard to pursue their dream. They offer rides and swims with the horses and it was like I landed in paradise. The trails take you through beautiful salt pans and mangroves, through cactus forests and Mango trees. On the trail you could see flamingos, Iguanas and wild donkeys! For the first time in my life I went swimming with a horse in the ocean. At Lac Bay its white sand beached turqoise water and sometimes you are joined by sea turtles! I had an amazing time. I also faced some challenges in living in a “kunuku” without electricity and guests in my house like goats, bats and scorpions.

Anne van Diemen


Paso fino gelding




I also met Sky, a very sensitive Paso Fino gelding that was impossible to get on without extreme anxiety. For a number of years he had issues with mounting and riding. I developed a deep friendship with this horse and he taught me a lot. He was very clear in what he wanted and didn’t want. Like the time I stuck a not well fitting bit in his mouth that he didn’t like, and almost chewed my finger off (bonaire hospital, check!) and didn’t let me catch him for two days. He is certainly a very special horse. I had amazing rides with him, and one day I hope to go back and swim with him…




Teaching & Training

I had a wonderfull time teaching groundwork and basic dressage to Simone and her clients, like Anne here on the left working with Sky.

Gaited horses

The Paso Fino

In Bonaire I had my first experience with the Paso Fino . At this point I didn’t know a lot about this gaited breed, and here is where I decide to visit International Paso Fino judge Enthomar Fransisco and have lessons with him in Curacao. To gain more understanding about the different gaits, and how to recognise and train them. This became a beginning of a new chapter…