Bali, Island of the gods

From Curacao I made the move to a totally different continent, Asia. I started working at Bali Equestrian Centre in a tourist area. With both imported and local horses there was a lot of training work besides teaching.

 I connect very well with my amazing colleague Evelien Akerboom and loved to train her with her favorite horse Esteponero.   Developing the horses to a higher level, making the younger ones more confident. And teaching people from all over the world.

 BEC is a beautiful venue with very dedicated people, and when you are on holiday in Bali you should definitely visit.

Anne van Diemen

Equestrian Consultant


Coaching many different nationalities, from all sorts of levels!

Bali is a very cultural island with so many different natonalities visiting and residing. I was lucky to meet and teach people from all over the world.

Private Training

 Besides working at BEC I also trained and met people who have horses in Bali for private purpose. One of these people was Natalie. A woman who has a very strong determination on her journey with her 3 young green quarter horses. I was lucky to walk (literally, miles and miles on the beach) with her on her journey and this is also where I met Andrew Turnbull from AMT equestrian in Australia, but thats for another blog. Above is a little movie about what we worked on in the 5 months I spend with Natalie.