The Caribbean

The butterfly Island

When Heidi called me and asked me to come work for her, within 5 days I was on a flight to Kingston, Jamaica.  I came into a well organised stable mixed with riding ponies and polo horses. The estate was breathtaking. Besides running the riding school, I also trained the horses and did assessments on what could be improved in their health. I went on beautiful trail rides through the sugarcane fields and little local villages. What I clearly remember was the hundreds of butterflies around me when I did my daily check up ride around the paddocks with Likkle Shabba. Jamaica stunned me with its beautiful mountains, flowers, open minded, musical people and street food to die for.

Anne van Diemen

I had the privilege to improve Heidi’s  riding school horses, and get Oh La La back into work. A talented warmblood mare imported from Florida. I taught the children through the ponyclub system and also trained private riders to a higher level.

 Meeting Heidi Lalor, and what she has set up within her riding school was a highlight in my career, and I am looking forward to one day return and finally have a polo lesson!



Personal Favorites